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T he City of Moraine's Economic Development Department welcomes you and hopes that we can assist you with growing your business in Moraine and the Dayton Region.

Our Targeted Industries:

  • Renewable energy and Energy efficiency
  • Aerospace
  • Health Services and Technology
  • Advanced Materials and Manufacturing
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Business and Professional Services

Highlights of the Region Include:

  • 6 million+ sq ft of Facilities
  • Well educated Region & high-quality workforce
  • 15 Local Colleges/Universities within 25 miles
  • ACCRA Cost of Living Index (US avg is 100): 
    • 94.0 (Dayton Region)
  • Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
  • I-70/75 Crossroads of America

Why Dayton, Ohio Region?

Many variables are considered by businesses that are expanding their operations, or businesses that are looking for a new headquarters. One of these variables is the ease of product distribution. The Dayton Region, where two major north-south and east-west interstate highways (I-75 and I-70) intersect, is favorably positioned as a distribution center from every direction. The Dayton has 1.5 million people of the United State’s population in the 8-County Region. On average, a truck or car can drive about 50 miles in an hour. Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Toledo and Louisville are only a few of the major metropolitan areas within a few hours drive from the Dayotn Region. Even more impressive is the fact that half of the US population lives within a few hours’ flight to the Region. Of the Region’s population 83.1% urban and 16.9% rural.

  • 50 miles: 2.2% (6,106,301 people)
  • 300 miles: 21.4% (60,278,615 people)
  • 600 miles: 55.9% (157,389,860 people)

The Miami Valley Region is well equipped and well placed for global competition. With a major airport, major highways, as well as a population mass within close proximity, the Miami Valley has all of the essential attributes to provide a very competitive market for business development.

  • Major job sectors (top 3 account for half of jobs in Region)
    • Manufacturing (20.8%)
    • Education, Health & Social Services (19.6%)
    • Retail Sales (11.9%)
    Data from 2009 Metropolitan Statistical Area (Dayton, Ohio USA)