Are you ready to take the LEAP?

The City of Moraine's Economic Development Department welcomes you and hopes that we can assist you with growing your business in Moraine and the Dayton Region.

Why Dayton, Ohio Region?

The Region is well equipped and well placed for global competition.

Many variables are considered by businesses that are expanding their operations, or businesses that are looking for a new headquarters. One of these variables is the ease of product distribution. The Dayton Region, where two major north-south and east-west interstate highways (I-75 and I-70) intersect, is favorably positioned as a distribution center from every direction.

Highlights of the Region Include:

ACCRA Cost of Living Index (94.0 Dayton Region)

6 million+ sq ft of Facilities

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Well educated Region & high-quality workforce

I-70/75 Crossroads of America

15 Local Colleges/Universities within 25 miles



Our retention & expansion program helps leaders and communities work together to identify barriers local businesses face as they try to survive and grow.


The Region is well equipped and well placed for global competition. With a major airport, major highways, as well as a population mass within close proximity.


Moraine is within 600 miles of 61% of the U.S. population and 63% of U.S. manufacturers, providing short commutes to your markets.


The City of Moraine's desirable location invites an eclectic mix of businesses, individuals, and families. Our cost of living is quite affordable.

Our Targeted Industries:

Renewable energy and Energy efficiency


Health Services and Technology

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Logistics and Distribution

Business and Professional Services